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We offer a steam-based curriculum, using a carefully planned teaching methodology to cater for all learners effectively. With easy to assimilate, descriptive teaching with work through examples and quizzes after each topic/subtopic in line with relevant university entrance examinations (IGCSE, WAEC, NECO & JAMB etc.).

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GO2UNI is an e-learning platform that provides students freedom to learn relevant subjects and topics in preparation for university entrance examinations.

The Complete High School and College Mathematics
The Complete High School and College Physics
The Complete High School and College Chemistry
High School Organic Chemistry 1
The Complete High School and College Biology


Hands on learning
Problem solving
Practical task
Robust feedback


Visual Learners
Auditory Learners
Reading/Writing Learners
Kinesthetic Learners


Thought provoking activities
Incentivized learning
Problem solving mindset


Learning resources for arts and science students
Personalized learning
Tutor support

Why Choose Us?

GO2UNI is making learning fun, engaging and accessible to all students, allowing the millennial to learn in a positive social atmosphere. GO2UNI platform has subjects that cut across the board, such as Mathematics, English language, science subjects, art subjects and commercial subjects.


We are the new generation of adaptive learning solutions. We ensure that every student signed onto our platform has an open mind towards learning. GO2UNI has the vision to drive excellence to every student by breaking down academic concepts into interesting visuals.


At GO2UNI, we ensure that learning is a continuous activity. Our goal is to raise a new generation of scholars who would do exploits in their respective fields of study. We believe that every student is a potential scholar, what they need is that creative spark.


At GO2UNI, we believe in diversity as the strength that creates building blocks for tomorrow's leaders. We ensure we work with our students, their parents, educators, and other professionals to make the learning process seamless.


At GO2UNI, we give you our word to improve your child's academic abilities; we have vast experience in education and technology. We just know the right way to create academic content and arose the curiosity for learning in your child.


Trusted by Thousand of Students

“Excellent course, it was well presented, easy to follow and very engaging.”
John Kumar
“I am looking forward to more courses from Go2uni, as the depth of information supplied has helped me a lot in preparing for JAMB”
Carl Philips
“There was a lot of work through examples which were well explained, I feel better prepared for my exams”
Jane Rodriguez
This course is fantastic for me and other who have to learn basic of mathematics
Mike Edward
“If i had seen this course earlier i wouldn't have failed my first external examination, i can't wait to sit for any examination on physics”
Zaw Win Tun
“This guy is such an amazing teacher! The way he explains and breaks down concepts and is really easy to grasp and understand. This course really put me on the path to start enjoying doing math for fun Haha.”
Pradipta Mitra

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